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Jan 25, 2013 7:00pm PST
at johns hopkins university posted a satellite photo online of the nuclear test site. they were taken between november and december. analysts believe the photos confirm their approach to a command bunker some 150 meters north of the entrance. they believe it houses equipment to control a detonator and to communicate with authorities in pyongyang. they also say that a device to measure radiation levels and a radio system have been installed. north korean authoritiesd their readiness to conduct another test. the security council condemned north korea's december rocket launch. >>> north korean authorities are warning south korea of counter measures if it takes part in u.n. sanctions. >>> a north korean statement criticizes south korea for pressing other nations to adopt the u.n. resolution condemning last month's rocket launch. it says sanctions amount to a declaration of war and warns of what it calls strong physical countermeasures if the south koreans participate in them directly. authorities in pyongyang say there will be no more bilateral discussions on the issue of denuclearization
Jan 29, 2013 7:00pm PST
in all of the ways on land and sea that that is required. >>> the u.s. senate has approved john kerry to replace clinton as secretary of state. >>> afghan president hamid karzai has called on the taliban to respond to his government's call for peace talks. he insists that foreign powers should not lead the process. karzai made the comments in a speech in the capital kabul. he said the taliban must take part in negotiations if afghans are to live in peace. >> translator: some foreign powers have approached the taliban to hold talks through side channels rather than working with the government. but the taliban should not be cheated. >> the taliban have set up a liaison office in qatar and called on u.s. officials to lead talks. they say karzai and his administration are a puppet government, and they've rejected direct talks. >>> american, japanese, and european auto makers have all felt the pinch of the european debt crisis, but one is feeling it in particular. ai uchida joins us now from the business desk. so ai, we've talked before about what's been a rough ride for automakers. >> we
Jan 29, 2013 7:30am EST
says the needs of millions of syrians are growing as their country's civil war rages on. john ging says the u.n. will ask governments at upcoming donor conference to raise $1.5 billion in aid. >> the 400 million people in need within syria, we also have a plan to respond to the refugees which now number over 650,000 in the neighboring countries. and that plan is costing $1 billion. >> ging spoke in new york after a mission to syria. he said the u.n. will make the request for aid after the donor conference in kuwait. he says the civil war has damaged infrastructure such as water, electricity and roads. he noticed people are in desperate need for food and medical supplies. he said relief goods are not reaching people who have fled to northern syria. ging demanded syrian leaders allow u.n. officials to enter the country from turkey. >>> emergency crews are on the ground in southern kazakhstan following a plane crash. russia's interfax news agency says the aircraft with about 20 people on board came down outside almaty, the country's largest city. the plane was reportedly flying from the no
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)